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IMG_0508.1 Cabot Mill Antiques is an antique lover’s heaven, offering a very unique shopping experience. Sun streams in through huge windows, 16-foot ceilings add a sense of grandeur, river views, exposed brick – all add to a wonderful browsing experience. The multi-dealer antique emporium boasts over 160 quality displays, making it one of the largest antique destinations in Northern New England. It truly is worth a trip from anywhere. Our friendly and very knowledgeable staff is here to ensure every visit you make is a pleasant one. We love answering questions and talking “antiques”!
Our History


Deborah J. Stufflebeam - Manager

Deborah J. Stufflebeam is the manager of Cabot Mill Antiques. She is the mother of six and grandmother of twelve. The family lovingly refers to themselves as the Brady Bunch.
Deborah has worn many professional hats beginning her work career in the 1980’s as a spinner in the Carlton Woolen Mills in Winthrop Maine.

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Samantha L. Stufflebeam - Assistant Manager

Samantha L. Stufflebeam is Cabot Mill Antiques Assistant Manager. Her work experience and love for antiques started well before she arrived at Cabot Mill in 2007. She began her passion with Deborah Stufflebeam (the Manager of Cabot Mill and also Samantha’s mother) as a child age 7 traveling from shop to shop in central Maine looking for those lost treasures and shiny trinkets.

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Nancy Jean Gatti - Sales Associate

Nancy is the matriarch of Cabot Mill Antiques or more lovingly referred to as the “Queen Mum.” In 1996 Cabot Mill Antiques was established and Nancy has been here since its inception.
Nancy is a graduate of Newton High School in Newton, Massachusetts. After graduating Nancy married the love of her life Anthony Gatti Jr in 1962. Nancy and her husband moved to Maine in 1964 and started their family.

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Susan Corrente

Susan grew up in Rhode Island and graduated from McGill University in Montreal. She came to Cabot Mill Antiques in the summer of 2015, after over 30 years of public interest work, first as an advocate and then as a lawyer. She grew up surrounded by antiques, as both parents enjoyed the hunt for them, especially when they traveled. Her siblings continue the tradition, and her son is the happy beneficiary of many of their finds. For Susan, every day spent at Cabot Mill Antiques is a day spent in a museum, with history lessons offered by customers and dealers alike. In addition, there's the detective work (I'm looking for a....), and the chance to keep moving all day long, helping to connect people with some of their fondest memories.

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Alexandria Joyall

Lexi grew up on the coast of Downeast Maine surrounded by vintage and antiques. Her love of all things old and unique seems to be a trait that was born into her as she started her career in the world vintage at the ripe old age of 9; thus giving her over 15 years of experience in the business. When she and her husband moved to the area, Cabot Mill was a natural choice as it allows her to be surrounded by the things she loves every day. Despite being young in age she is old at heart and has already worn many hats, including: Antique/vintage dealer, online seller, lifestyle blogger, wreath maker, caretaker, photographer and furnitue modifier just to name a few. She is quirky, ready with her quick Yankee humor and always willing to help you find the unique piece of your dreams. She is easy to find in the shop if you need help, just look for the brightly colored hair bow bobbing through the aisle!

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Sherrie McIntire

Sherrie McIntire is both a Maine and Massachusetts native. Sherrie is Deborah Stufflebeam's sister. Massachusetts is where she lived and raised her children. She moved back to Maine in 2012 and is enjoying everything Vacationland has to offer including working here at Cabot Mill Antiques. Sherrie has a son Eben Bumpus and a daughter in-law who is also named Sherrie. She has two granddaughters Elizabeth and Hannah. Sherrie enjoys being at the beach soaking up the sunshine, painting, doing crafts and cuddling with her dog Buffy. Sherrie has worked for us since 2012. Sherrie says she learns something new about the world of antiques everyday.

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"You're Sure to Find Something Rare, Unique, and One-Of-A-Kind."

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